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About The Bummer Bears

Hi! I am Katie Espinoza and I am the new owner and Den Mother of Bummer Bears!

I think a lot of my friends and family were a bit perplexed when I told them I was in pursuit of purchasing this company, but from the moment we found out about our son’s heart condition (20 Week Ultrasound appointment) we have had a passion for wanting to help others with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).

Our son joined the Zipper Club in 2017, and that is when we first found out about Bummer Bears. 


Baby Espinoza


I followed along with Jenny’s passion for helping others and her story. (Jenny is the founder of Bummer Bears and the creator of the Mended Heart Bear).  I remember one day, when we were finally home from the hospital after our son had endured three open heart surgeries, I was unpacking all our hospital items. A magnet had been given to us for Bummer Bears. I placed it on our fridge and just stared at it for a while – I know that may sound strange – but I am sure all of you can think of a time that something “spoke” to you in a sense. I knew that someday I would turn our family’s passion for helping others into something more, and I had hoped it would be through Bummer Bears.

My wonderful family consists of my amazing husband and our six incredibly beautiful children that we have been blessed with. They share in our passion of making this world better than the way we found it, and always having compassion for others.

One day in 2018 I felt like I needed to look at the Bummer Bears social media and website, and that is when I saw that they were going into “hibernation”. I felt gutted because I knew how many kids and families gained joy from Jenny’s work. I immediately reached out to her to see if there was anything I could do, and so our journey began.

Thank you for dropping by the Bummer Bear site. I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions about the Bummer Bears or the website. Send me a note through the Contact page or directly at Katie@BummerBears.com.

Katie Espinoza
Owner & Den Mother
Bummer Bears




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