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Bulk Order Discounts of the Mended Heart Bummer Bear

Yes! We offer bulk discounts to hospitals, heart support groups and any other individuals interested in the Mended Heart Bear.  You do not need to be a non-profit organization to participate in our bulk discount program -- any individual or group is welcome to take advantage of our bulk discounts.  

For information about the bulk discounts, please check out the details in the page below. You can also watch a short video clip that features one of our bulk order customers talking about how they have incorporated the Mended Heart Bear into their support efforts for CHD families.

To place a bulk-order or to get more information about the program, please email Katie@BummerBears.com or call us at (515) 446-8318

Bulk orders can be arranged as a one-time purchase for a special event or a recurring order with regular monthly shipments of the bears. 

Example: The Midwest Heart Connection in Omaha, Nebraska has been providing the Mended Heart Bummer Bear to every pediatric heart patient for over 5 years. You can learn more about this program in the video below. 

 Our bulk rates are based on the total number of bears purchased. The bears are packaged 12 per box and can be purchased in any multiple of 12.

The bulk rates for the Mended Heart Bear are the following:

Type of Order Number of Bears Cost per Bear
One-time 12 – 60 $29
One-time 72 – 120 $28
Recurring 120 – 360 (per year) $27
Recurring 360 + (per year) $26

Shipping Costs for Bulk Orders: The cost of shipping is added to the bulk rates above.  Shipping costs range from approximately $15 to $35 per box of bears (12 bears in a box), depending on the destination in the U.S. We ship our bears from Iowa – using FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

Please contact me, Katie Espinoza (Owner of Bummer Bears), with any questions you might have about our bulk-order program.  You can reach me by email at Katie@BummerBears.com or via phone at (515) 446-8318.


Katie Espinoza
Owner of Bummer Bears

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