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Baby I and Stitches the Bear!

Posted on October 17 2021

The day our second child was born was a flood of emotions. Not only did we have a surprise Down Syndrome diagnosis, we learned about his Complete AV Canal heart defect. 
We were told originally he would need surgery between 3-6 months of life…then 9-12 months…then before 2 years old. His heart would never be able to repair itself, but he was doing well enough to postpone surgery until he was older and stronger. 
He is now 14 months old and just had his open heart surgery. We were anxious in the months leading up to this, but the moment he went back to the OR, we felt utter relief. Relief that it was finally happening. And relief that his heart was going to be fixed. 
On the third day of post-op we felt he was finally getting his personality and smiles back. The moment we took out his Bummer Bear, named Stitches, he was instant smiles! I feel like this Bear made his long days in the hospital so much more “Bear-able.” And someday he will hear the story of how he and his bear both have the same scar! 

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